Nature is naturally Anna’s greatest source of inspiration. She has always been an admirer of “extra everything” artwork, like the art of Swedish painter Karl-Axel Pehrson. When she encountered his work for the first time, Anna was convinced that less it not more. And if the plant you want to paint does not exist in real life, just make it up.

Anna is not really interested in interior design but finds great inspiration in the work of for example designer Tricia Guild, wall paper and textile designer William Morris, both English, as well as the Swede Josef Frank, who made fantastic, flowery designs for the home.

In the art world, there are many idols. Looking back, Anna was always intrigued by naïve artists like Frenchman Henri Rousseau for his mystical jungles and Fernando Botero for his colorful portraits of oversized fellow Colombians. As a young girl, she much admired the limitless fantasies and dreamlike atmosphere of the work by Belgian surrealist René Magritte.

The naked expression of self portraits by Mexican Frida Kahlo has always been a great inspiration for Anna. Why make images overburdened with symbols when you can just tell it like it is? If you feel like a chased deer pierced by arrows or like you have a vise screwing your anxious heart in the middle of your chest, why not paint just that?

When it comes to water color, aquarelle champion of the world Lars Lerin of Sweden must be mentioned as well as Anna’s water color teacher and forever art heroine Cathy Quiel of Santa Barbara, USA.

Art by Karl-Axel Pehrson
Design by William Morris
Dancer by Fernando Botero
Selfportrait by Frida Kahlo