Coffee and music

Two things, apart from a place to work, paint and paper, are vital for Anna when making art.

One is music – streaming in her headphones, top list music, old goodies from her youth, rap sometimes, folk music and rock n´roll. No genre is excluded as long as the songs are good. The BeeGee´s  Staying alive is a perfect tune for rhythmic dotting, for example. Britney makes her heart pound a little extra and Avici´s pophouse takes her through tough parts or when she has come to a standstill. Swedish Amanda Jenssen and Laleh open up her mind for creativity.

The other necessity for Anna´s artmaking is coffee, with milk, in a favorite cup. Unless your´re already aware, here´s what you need to know about Swedish coffee culture: You arrive at your Swedish friend´s house. Before even saying hello, your friend asks: Would you like coffee? If you want coffee you just say: Yes please. If you just had some, you say: Not unless you´re having some yourself (your friend will heat water right away and start brewing). If you don´t want coffee, you say: sure, but only half a cup. You never say no to coffee, you might as well say: I don´t like you or your ugly looking home. Coffee means love in Swedish.